Sunday, 1 February 2009

What next.....?

I've felt so grateful in the last few weeks, not only be able to make my little creations, but to sell them. Times are hard, so I am more than thankful. Of course, because a lot of my work is hand sewn, it does take time. Minimum wage, per hour, well perhaps not, but its not all about that. I really dare not add up the fees, tax, etc because I know it would make it look depressing. But that's the whole point, I can make a little business out of it, something I enjoy. Of course I can't do it for nothing but I'm glad to say my place in the working world is this, self employed, slimming club franchise person and bear maker! Yay.....I said it, bear maker.

So tomorrow, belongs to bear making, a half done bear to finish. What next? Who knows but I am sure glad there will be a what next.......?


my little annies said...

Hi Amanda!! I love fudge he is to cute!! I can realate to the hard times and hope someday I will be able to get one of your awsome bears!! have a great day, Brenda

Ruth said...

Oh I agree Amanda - best not to add up the costs .... I'm seeing lots of red on my balance sheet !! But I just can't imagine NOT making bears :0)
I love the new look too ; very warm and pretty .
Huggies , Ruth