Tuesday, 26 May 2009



While I was away Ruth from Flutter by Bears send me this lovely award, thank you! Too much to catch up on to pass it on for the moment, but a nice surprise!

We had a lovely two weeks being pampered in Turkey, oh that bar table service, 'another drink?' can't be bad. I must say these All Inclusives are fabulous, The Susesi in Belek if anyone wants a fabulous hotel, wonderful weather and people.

Come next week I'll be ready to get back to my bears, I always slack off this time of year, but I have missed them and all the chit chat. So nice to be back, catch you all when that washing and ironing goes down!

Friday, 1 May 2009

Whats happened to making your bears.....

.....is the comment from hubby today. Well I will admit, I was chatting to him after lunch, when he reads the newspaper, I'm usually upstairs making bears. Do you think he was trying to get rid of me? Ha ha, anyway I said it would be after my hols, all refreshed and ready to go. I got the hint though and sorted some drawers out that needed doing. You know, thoses jobs 'I can't possibly do, because I'm making bears'.
Trouble is I opened my little work cupboard, yikes, what a mess. Hey ho, I can feel another excuse get blown to pieces, so another job for monday. I'll take a before and after picture. The before one will be very, very brave, messy does'nt really sum it up.
Have a good May day weekend!