Tuesday, 22 June 2010


Hi everyone, heres Lacey! I can't believe its over 6 months since I made a bear....She is a new pattern but still hopefully has the Pandy Potter look. I was to start another one but that summer house and sun made me feel sleepy LOL. I'll go cut another one out soon, I really enjoyed making Lacey, hope you like her.

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Happy Father's day

Friday, 4 June 2010

What a difference two years makes

Hi everyone, hope you are enjoying some sunny weather. A few years back, long story short, we renovated a 1930's semi. We loved our old house and garden but had to move due to bad neighbours. I'm not a natural gardener but love the garden as another room so to speak. We finished the renovations in december then in spring 08 tackled the 'garden', what was left of it. I'm no good with adding photos in order so here goes....

The latest edition, my summerhouse which is near the bottom of the garden and in the space in the photo below. I never did know what to do with this space so just paved it over.

The above photo brings back many memories....those rubble piles kept getting bigger!

Skips are very expensive, all the rubble from the foundations of the extension and conservatory....hmm...... sloping garden...... guess where the rubble went? Under the decking!

Where the concrete mixer is, thats where I decided to extend the decking and build the pergola. A decision made because......more rubble to hide! We even ran out of room to work at one point and I had to move the rubble piles around. My dad lost his car keys and then we found them....you've guessed it, under a pile of rubble we were moving.

Like I say, I'm not a gardener, all the plants apart from two were given to us, the bamboos were my aunts, then mums, now ours.  It was really funny the day we dug them all up, loaded the trailer and drove our new garden home.

So I hope the suns shining where you are and make the most of this lovely weather.

And not a pile of rubble in sight.....