Thursday, 31 December 2009

Happy New Year

Well its nearly over, Christmas has really gone quick. I can look back and see 2009 has been a nice year, I do hope 2010, a new decade will be just as good. No New Year's resolutions for me, 2009 was the year that finally saw me no longer having a weight problem. Although its 10 years since I lost 5 stone (70lbs) its only this year I've not had to think about being careful, I eat what I want, its took 10 years for me to mentally change how I feel about food. I also go the gym and enjoy it. Now if I could just cut back on to have some vices!

So Happy New Year, lets hope its a good one!

Sunday, 27 December 2009

Its not over yet!!!!!

Scrooge wins this year.

Is anyone else feeling like 'people' are trying to say Christmas is over? I know in the UK we tend to have two Christmas days with Boxing day being an added extra but all this sales talk etc and some people even taking their decorations down......

When I was a child in the 70's I suppose Christmas started later but you were still feeling Christmassy right up to and after the New Year. OK I don't don't leave my decorations up until twelfth night but I'm determined to keep that Christmas spirit until after New Year's day! Its so hard though, the awful rain did'nt help today, neither did my lights breaking on the kitchen tree. Still hubby has ordered some in the sales, we shall be back and lit up in a day or two.

So if you feel the same, munch on those mince pies, get those bargain sale decorations AND put them up now, not next year, it ain't over yet!

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Merry Christmas

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Yay, I won!

The lovely Cheryl from Bingle Bears has had a give a way, I was the lucky winner. A winter warmer, just the thing for those cold nights. Look out soon for another give away, this one will be one of her gorgeous creations.

Thank you Cheryl.

Saturday, 12 December 2009

Feathering my nest

Hi everyone, hope your Christmas decor is going well. Last year I loved the feather wreaths, a quick look on the net and everyone makes their own. So one black feather boa off ebay, £2.99, a wire coat hanger, a bit of wired ribbon from Tesco, glittery berries from Dunelm and my new door looks a treat!

I also made up my mantel garland. I used a lovely faux ivy swag from Dunelm and lots of bits and pieces. I also liked the black feathers and had one for the top of my tree. A few more things for the opposite wall, then this room is finished. Although I'm due a trip to Trentham Gardens and they have lovely Christmas ideas, I can hear the moans now, 'not another Christmas decoration'. Can you ever have too many?

Monday, 7 December 2009

Mince pie recipe

OK, I found this photo on the web but mine did look like these! I forgot to take a photo and there is only one looks sad on its own. I found this gorgeous butter pastry recipe, its really is worth doing.

Traditional Christmas Mince Pies Recipe

The instructions are great and there are so many tips. Enjoy, I've got to make some more!

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Now wheres that horse?

Well today was the day I decided to hang our new door. I had the bright idea of having a glass one to 'open' the rooms up. I wished when we did the house up we had french doors but thats too much trouble now. Any way, hours later and its where it should be, minus handles but I have a full set of digits, intact too! My dad trained me up and having an electric planer makes life easier. I'll let hubby paint it......

Of course all this messing around means no bears. It will probably be monday now as I've other stuff on. I would also like to maybe do some crafting in the next few weeks, I never get chance usually and it would be something different. Time sure is flying but I'm so enjoying reading all these Christmastime Blogs, so cosy.

The house is half decorated for Christmas, photos to follow, so perhaps the weekend deserves some mince pie cooking, a nice glass of sherry and finish the rest off......