Sunday, 27 December 2009

Its not over yet!!!!!

Scrooge wins this year.

Is anyone else feeling like 'people' are trying to say Christmas is over? I know in the UK we tend to have two Christmas days with Boxing day being an added extra but all this sales talk etc and some people even taking their decorations down......

When I was a child in the 70's I suppose Christmas started later but you were still feeling Christmassy right up to and after the New Year. OK I don't don't leave my decorations up until twelfth night but I'm determined to keep that Christmas spirit until after New Year's day! Its so hard though, the awful rain did'nt help today, neither did my lights breaking on the kitchen tree. Still hubby has ordered some in the sales, we shall be back and lit up in a day or two.

So if you feel the same, munch on those mince pies, get those bargain sale decorations AND put them up now, not next year, it ain't over yet!


Emo Bears said...

Enjoy yourself for a while Amanda! why not keep the spirit of christmas going - I'm sure the snow we are due to have again soon will make it more wintry.

Having said that, working in a shop; my christmas lasted 2 days - by boxing day I was back in work. *sigh* Somehow it doesn't feel like it's the holidays without being on holiday!

Amanda said...

Yes Julia, shop work is hard going over Christmas, I used to feel the same. Funny I went the gym today, did'nt intend to, but it worked in with Aldi food shopping, gym should not be done over Christmas! Best of it, I need to go a certain butchers for New Years, guess what, its near the gym so makes sense to combine the two. Eeeekkkkk even worse I enjoyed the work out. Still, an easy work day tomorrow, then my hard work starts in January......I run a slimming club!

Darlene said...

Hi Amanda,
I am working on new bears and went to yoga class, but am still enjoying the holidays. So keep the spirit!

Hugs and joy,Darlene

FenBeary Folk said...

Yep I am still in holiday spirit. I ignored the very early Christmas stuff in the shops and we will be taking our decorations down on the 1st, as usual................mind you not back to work till the 5th (yipee)
Sue xx