Sunday, 28 August 2011

Typical bank holiday sunday

Well being a typical sunday on a bank holiday weekend, ie rubbish weather, I decided to watch Glorious 39. I had it on my player from a few weeks back. Well I really enjoyed it, hubby stopped watching as he said it was too 'jolly hockey sticks' LOL but the scenery, costumes and just general look was very much my thing in a movie. Of course the player had not recorded the last few minutes but You Tube to rescue. In fact you can watch it all on there, split into 13 parts. Just google it and you can find plenty of trailers to give you an idea of what its about.

Something else I enjoyed and again starring Romola Garai, is The Hour. Although there were some liberties taken with modern expressions in the lines (so they say, I was too busy just watching it) again I enjoyed something set in another era. They are going to do another series so good, good, good!

Catch them if you can!

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Birthday girl and Dr Pooh

Tomorrow is my daughter Amy's 16th birthday. Here is the cake she made herself last year. This year she was'nt fussed on a party so we've had a meal out today as I'm working tomorrow. Shes a great daughter and no trouble at all, I think we've got away lightly over the years! We're all still enjoying the extended summer as shes finished school. Normal bear service will resume in the autumn as family life takes a slightly new direction.

Don't you just love this T-shirt design? Well perhaps you don't if you're not a Dr Who fan! I've just ordered one for my daughter here at Just use the code blogtorwho to get a small discount.

A shout goes to a fave blog for letting me know about it.

Blogtor Who

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

What a few days....weeks....

Can you believe the news? I hope you are all safe out there.

Its been a funny old time here at home. I feel like I've been on an extended holiday. My daughter finished school so plenty of lie ins and general mooching around. I've even been lazy in my summerhouse, no bearmaking until Autumn.

I'm not much of a cook or baker but have really enjoyed making sushi and seeing as I'm the only one who likes it, eating it.

The kits are a bargain from B&M, 99p. You just need fillings like the cheap smoked salmon bits from Tesco or crab sticks. Everything else is included and each kit makes approximately 32 sushi as you get four seaweed sheets . I just cook all the rice, split everything into four and freeze the other portions. Anyone else like sushi?