Thursday, 16 February 2012

i,m NOT a Robot....or a bear for that matter :)

So Blogger you think I look like this? So you now want me to jump through more hoops than ever in word verification? Don't you realise I fessed up in the last post on how I look, I AM NOT A ROBOT...... or a bear for that matter!

Please consider turning off word verification its got even more annoying. Mine is off and I get no spam.

Go to your dashboard, its in settings, then comments.

If you have trouble just google 'turn of word verification blogger' there are loads of sites that help you, thats what I did.

How to 'look' stupid in four easy steps

Step 1: Be blessed with Mr Magoo short sightedness and at nearly 44 have the eye prescription of -10.75 and -11.25!

Step 2: Although invention has provided relief in the shape of contact lenses, go and put the wrong strength lens in the bad right eye.

Step 3: Spend three days not seeing quite right, being out of sorts and generally feeling like the Wonky Donkey.

Step 4: Finally click in, replace with right power lens and feel as if a miracle has happened, sight and what sanity I ever had, restored.

P.S. yep thats me, Amanda, aged 43 and 3/4 :) Bet you thought I looked like a teddy bear so I thought it time to put a face to the Pandy Potter name.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Pimp my wellies

Well yesterday the forecast was for snow, snow and more snow. So thinking better not go far, Stoke roads and snow do not go well together, we decided to walk to the local pub and Wacky warehouse. Unfortunately I'm too tall for the wacky part but was more than old enough for the pub end. I decided my trusty wellies needed a makeover so found my boot cuffs. Teamed with leggings and jumper dress hubby decided I looked like an extra from Elf....

Talking of Stoke roads, below is supposed to be our 'main' road. Does that look like its been gritted to you? A few minutes away the A50 was at a standstill, trying its best to look like a carpark. Hmmm.....Stoke council triumph again!

Still its already thawing and I'm snug inside until tomorrow. Trusty wellies at the ready, maybe without the cuffs. I don't want any little children seeing me, getting excited, thinking I work for a certain red suited, rotund fella! Its snow joke ya know, got to think of their elf and safety.