Monday, 30 May 2011

A change is as good as a rest?

Well where did that month go? So much 'seems' to be going on.... there has been a massive change in routine at home. The last few weeks have been hectic work wise but that has now gone back to normal. The other big change is with my daughter Amy, she is doing her last few weeks at school, so is in an hour here and there for the lessons she still has exams for.

Then theres my dad who has just come out of hospital, a knee replacement. Its usually dad that runs me errands, helps with Amy, as her school is near to their house. My turn now!

So my poor bears and Blog have been very neglected. I still try to pop on by Blogland and one of my favourite bloggers was having a mega giveaway. Yippeeeeee, I was a winner and Annie could not have been more generous. Thank you Annie.

Annie at The Felt Fairy

Please pop over and see her, shes got a wicked sense of humour and I love reading her Blog.

Next change.....we have being going our local gym for over 10 years, found out this morning they are closing for 12 weeks while they have a total refit and change of brand/company. So need to find another gym in the meantime. Mind you the fee will be going down by half! £9.99 a month which is great value.

So is change as good as a rest? Not bloomin likely!