Friday, 22 July 2011

Pretty Little Jewels giveaway

Juli at Pretty Little Jewels is having her first giveaway! Its a lovely girly giveaway so if you fancy a bit of pampering, check her out.

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Time really did fly....

Like many of you Mollie Makes has been a lovely magazine to collect. I say collect as its one I like to come back to, even the adverts look good! A few weeks back it was mine and a friend's birthday. Kay is a fellow bearmaker under the name Katie Country Bears and I always try and make something for her. She sends me really thoughtful gifts so its always nice to think of new things for her. Here is a brooch I made using the kit in issue 2. I hope you like it.

Time flying? Yep that time of year and I've been lucky to have been away to Tunisia. I find in the few weeks before and after there are so many things to do of the most boring or tedious nature. Thats YOU ironing pile! Yes I do think of it as a living thing, because it seems to grow....and if hubby says one more time 'have you ironed this?' .....when I have....well then it will be a cry of 'I was provoked ma Lord, diminished responsibility.....