Friday, 31 December 2010

Happy New Year!

Well its that day again, the last one of 2010! As many of you said 'where did that year go?'. Never been a big New Years eve person, it just means the decorations have to come down soon, boo hoo. So it will be spent like Christmas, with my family, at home and some goodies to drink and eat. How will the first day of 2011 be? Same again please! Its a good enough formula for me. Then sunday......go on....same again, why not?

To end, a massive thank you to all the Bloggers I follow and all your good selves too, you brighten my days.

Happy New Year, enjoy!

Friday, 24 December 2010

Merry Christmas

My daughter's tree, she sure likes Hello Kitty.
Have a lovely Christmas everyone.

Amanda and the bears x

Wednesday, 22 December 2010 looks nice...but

Hi everyone.......that blooming white stuff. Set off for work but turned back and I live on a main road! That feeling when you put your brakes on and you keep going. Still others have it loads worse and then there is the airport closures, terrible.

I'm determined to get there later and will set off early, the roads seem better now. So ta ta for now and I'll leave you with some of my Christmas decor photos.

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Yum yum yay!

Look what I won! It was Julie's giveaway at Vintage and Cake. I was only telling hubby about her Blog and business last saturday. My daughter is a good sponge maker and I emailed her the link. That makes her seem as if she lives away, she just lives in her bedroom LOL I'll so enjoy them, well one, got to share. Its not often I have cake

Yum yum yay!

Monday, 20 December 2010

Panic over, well mostly

My mum and dad both have birthdays in December so Christmas gifts are even harder as you use some ideas up for the birthdays. I like to get things they will like but won't necessarily buy themselves. Town was so busy, I think everyone stayed in over the weekend and went out today. I popped into Matalan and got these bargains. I will fill the large lantern with fake snow and the baubles. At least there is a bit more for mum and dad. Not quite there yet but hopefully a trip to Dunelm will see me finished. Well not quite I still need to......better get that list going!

Sunday, 19 December 2010

21 Christmas questions....

Annie at The Felt Fairy blogged about this and I thought it would be fun to do. Just link back if you would like to join in.

1: Wrapping paper of gift bags?........Wrapping paper and it has to match my decor!

2: Real tree or artificial?........Artificial. Although I like real trees I have 6 trees up, so it would be too expensive. My latest one was a feather tree for my summerhouse.

3: When do you put up the tree?...... As I have to do a lot, I start the beginning of December.

4: When do you take the tree down?.......Usually 2nd January.

5: Favourite gift received as a child?........I can't really think of one. I used to have a stocking/pillowcase and my most favourite thing in that was a cocoa cola can radio. I switched it on and Silent night was playing.

6: Hardest person to buy for?........Hubby as if we want something we get it and at Christmas we don't buy gifts for each other for the sake of it. This year he does'nt really want anything so its even harder.

7: Easiest person to buy for?.......Me! Because I know what I like. Thats why I tend to get Christmas money.

8: Mail or email Christmas cards?........With cards I'm a bit of bah humbug so I do like to send ecards, more fun. I do send a few 'real' ones too.

9: Favourite Christmas movie?.......I do like Christmas Carol ones. I prefer things like Dr Who Christmas special or Christmas versions of things like Fools and Horses and the Royale Family.

10: When do you start shopping for Christmas?.......December.

11: Have you ever recycled a Christmas present?........Yes......

12: Favourite things to eat at Christmas?.......Its got to be the actual Christmas lunch.

13: Lights on the tree, coloured or clear?........Clear.

14: Favourite Christmas song?.......Last Christmas by Wham.

15: Travel at Christmas or stay home?......Stay home.

16: Angel, fairy, star or ribbon on top of the tree?.......A mixture. In the lounge its feathers, kitchen its a rustic star and conservatory a tall bauble type topper.

17: Opening presents Christmas eve or morning?.......Morning.

18: Most annoying thing about this time of year?.......People saying 'Are you done yet?' NOOOO! Don't you know I'm not that organised.

19: What do you want for Christmas this year?........Like Annie I buy what I want but enjoy my few surprises. I would like things that go in my summerhouse, to make it look nice.

20: Traditional colours like red and green or others?........Everything has to match and most years I change colours. This year the lounge theme is black feathers, with gold, silver and crystals. The kitchen is red and white. The conservatory, old gold, purple and brown, sounds odd but it works. The summerhouse was a mix. I'll post piccies another day. I love seeing everyones decor.

21: I'll add one......custard, brandy cream or fresh cream with your Christmas pud?......fresh cream.

The winner is...

Thanks to all that entered. I did the very technical names on paper and my hubby drew one out. Why not pop over to Leny's Blog. Shes a collector of bears and now makes some lovely creations.

Monday, 13 December 2010


Well I was looking through my fabric stash and found a head! OK I'm very naughty, start a bear then never finish it. I thought what a shame, so....turned it into a Christmas ornament. Its about the size of a tennis ball.

If you would like her, please leave a comment. If you're a follower let me know and I'll put you in twice, if you Blog about it, thats another chance and if I follow you LOL thats another. The draw will be on sunday 19th. Open worldwide.

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Mince pies.....yummy

I posted about this recipe last year but for those that would like it, here it is. Its the most wonderful shortbread type pastry. These were a little rushed but as they are the first batch they get eaten straight away and not shared! The recipe is enough for two dozen so I froze half the pastry. 

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Berry, my latest bear

Hi everyone. hope you're all keeping warm, well if you're in the Northern hemisphere! This is Berry my latest bear, hope you like him.

Saturday, 27 November 2010

My summerhouse....or winterhouse?

Well I woke up to snow this morning and that made me want to do the Christmas decorating even more. So I decided to decorate my summerhouse instead. With my little heater its so cosy and my little bolt hole. I need to get some baubles for my feather tree, I wanted one of those last year and dotcomgiftshop were selling them off last month. 

I did treat myself in the end and got the Cath Kidston stocking. Its rather big, Santa can fit a few satsumas in that one!

I also love the paper chain, just the right colours.

I think I'll sort through my decorations later, they are all in the conservatory as we had to empty the loft when we had a new roof. I think I'll put some of the mantel things out, they are candlesticks etc so I can ease myself into Christmas decorating.

Have a great weekend, stay cosy.

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Deck the halls.....

OK......admit it.....who is going to start putting up Christmas decorations this weekend? I know my friends in the States do this after Thanksgiving but elsewhere? I keep thinking its too early, then if I do them next week, I've missed out a bit. Can you tell I'm chomping at the bit. Maybe it will be so cold and snow at the weekend it will be a great time to start, as staying in will be on the cards.

Come on, fess up if you are starting this weekend!

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Bon Voyage

This is Sammi who started the long journey to Australia yesterday. As are my cousin's family, they are off for a new start in Brisbane. 

Bon Voyage!

Blog award

Laura from Vintage Laura has given me an award! Why not pop over to her Blog and check out some of the goodies shes managed to get.

Thanks Laura it was a lovely gesture.

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Its here!

Its here the Online Bear Show

I hope you enjoy visiting!

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Vintage Lifestyle giveaway

Kelly from Vintage Lifestyle is having a giveaway, lovely. I've recently found this blog and its so worth checking out.

Also about the Cath Kidston stocking, Cath had all sold out so I ordered from John Lewis and got the postage free as I bought a few Christmas things, can't wait. You were all right, I did deserve a treat!LOL

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Cath Kidston stocking

I received the Cath Kidston Christmas catalouge today, very nice. Although I find a lot of things too expensive for myself, I very much like the fabric. I'm loving this stocking and at £10, affordable. Does anyone know if they do just the fabric, its lovely. The wrapping paper and ties caught my eye too. Postage is £4.95 but John Lewis also do it, and postage is £3 or free if you spend over £30.

Can I be tempted?

Monday, 15 November 2010

Michelle's giveaway

Just look at this giveaway, wow. Its at Handcrafted Teddy bears by Michelle. I love some of her quirkier designs, definite eye candy. Why not pop over now.

Sneak preview for the online teddy show

Hi, fancy a peak at what I've been up to? Just go to Teddies Worldwide Online Show to see a preview of some wonderful bears. The show starts this weekend.

Thursday, 11 November 2010


Both my grandads were miners so never got to go to war, I think I'll be grateful for that. A great uncle did though and suffered many horrors in an Italian prisoner camp. My maternal grandad used to joke about dodging the bombs when he was courting my nana. He probably did though! Lots of the women in our area worked at Radway Green where they made bullets. A sobering thought, you make a bullet and it could take someones life. So a day to reflect on what has been and whats going on now.

Thanks to them all.....

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Amy's got a giveaway

What lovely lovelies! These are the giveaway form Amy at Blighty Boutique

She is the vintage inspired daughter of Annie at The felt fairy

Some really nice images and shes only just started. Go on over and support her!

Sunday, 31 October 2010

Love a bargain?

Well we've just been town and 'bought' some Yankee candle tealights. I love them but they are'nt the cheapest things. Hubby had seen the Debenhams £5 voucher, printed a few off and it meant they ended up 99p! No minimum spend, just one per customer and email. With gmail if you put a . in the wrong place of your email address it still gets sent to your email, so extra vouchers! We just went to different tills. Plenty of people were using them. I don't feel too guilty, I've certainly spent some money in Debenhams over the years.

Monday, 25 October 2010

Bit early but......

Has anyone else noticed how red the holly berries are this year? A bumper crop and as we don't seem to get many birds here (too many cats) they'll make the most wonderful Christmas display.

Look what I got today! Its a goose feather Christmas tree from Dotcomgiftshop. It was reduced to £8.95. I love these type trees and I hope to get some vintage inspired baubles to go on it. Talking of holidays and Christmas, I'm busy doing bears for the online Christmas show, more about that later. 

Ta ta for now, enjoy the half term for those with children.

Monday, 11 October 2010

Magazine swap

Floss from Troc, Broc and Recup' organised a magazine swap. My partner was Barbara from Moveable feasts who is a real foody, check her out if you love cooking.

Then Heidi from Bord & Butik and I became partners too. She was very naughty and sent three magazines! 

Its a lovely way to get to know people and have the chance to get your hands on something different. Thanks to everyone involved.

Sunday, 10 October 2010


Here is my latest bear Norman. We're having a bit of late summer here in the UK this weekend, its gorgeous outside. Then the leaves are falling off the apple tree and my holly tree is covered in red berries, what season is it? Lets make the most of it!

Monday, 4 October 2010

Versatile Blogger award

Before I went away, Lynda from Hookin' with LaaLaa kindly gave me this award. I now have to list 7 interesting things about myself! Eekkk, here goes......

1: This was my first teddy. My mum and dad bought him for my first Christmas, 1968. I loved soft toys, and when I was older I used to have a rota of which toys were in bed with me. Although I now make bears, I don't really collect them, I just like to create them.

2: The best day of my life was when I passed my driving test. I was on cloud nine all day. Shhhh....don't tell hubby or daughter, weddings and births usually figure as the best days!

3: I'm a ginger! Yep, its official, once a ginger kid, always a ginger kid. OK its a lot lighter now, bits of grey,  hair dye to hide said grey, but I'm still a ginger LOL

4: I once went over a year without chocolate, just to see if I could. Its seems to have made me immune to its charms now and I hardly ever eat it.

5: Lynda has a nut allergy, mine is rabbits. I start sneezing, my eyes itch and my breathing is laboured. When doctors ask if you have any allergies.....its very tempting to say....yes, rabbits! I just say no and hope never to be surrounded by an irate warren of rabbits.

6: I'm very shortsighted, -9.5 and -10. I wear contacts and have done for years. For my driving test I memorised two number plates nearby before the test, OK I can see but just in case.....

7: I used to be 5 stone heavier. All the chocolate I ate? Nah, just a greedy person. I've kept a healthy weight now for over 11 years but never lose sight that the fat me could resurface at any time.

There you have it, 7 interesting facts LOL I'm supposed to link to 5 others but I always find this bit so hard. So if Anyone would like to just join in, I'd love to read your interesting facts. There is one lady I'd like to nominate though, because I'd just love to see what she comes up with, its Annie at The Felt Fairy, go Annie! Check her out.