Monday, 20 December 2010

Panic over, well mostly

My mum and dad both have birthdays in December so Christmas gifts are even harder as you use some ideas up for the birthdays. I like to get things they will like but won't necessarily buy themselves. Town was so busy, I think everyone stayed in over the weekend and went out today. I popped into Matalan and got these bargains. I will fill the large lantern with fake snow and the baubles. At least there is a bit more for mum and dad. Not quite there yet but hopefully a trip to Dunelm will see me finished. Well not quite I still need to......better get that list going!


Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

I know what you mean about December birthdays, my oh has his on 28th Dec!
Have a wonderful Christmas love Annie xx

Leny said...

December birthdays are not fun at all!!!

It is almost to cold here for shopping,brrrr

Merry Christmas,

Heidi said...

I have the opposite my Mom and Dad are right after Christmas and as they get older the harder they are to buy for I got my dad a warm fuzzy robe will see He has never owned one before so its a gamble now my Mom is easy!

I found the paper work and the empty boxes for the bears and they are gone, I'd like to think someone did not steal them from the store but I'm thinking they have been, It makes me sick I'm so sorry but after the holidays I'm going to still send you a little something, I adore them will see if you do too!