Saturday, 31 January 2009


I just received this award from my friend Kay.

" The Works Of Hearts award is for people who put their heart and soul into their work, their words, and /or their kindness to others."

She left the most lovely comment, thank you Kay. She really is a good friend.

This takes me on to virtual friends. In the 'real world', the one with bad weather, recession etc, I have a few friends, but I've always been linked more to my family. I won't name my real world friends, but you know who you are that makes me see pink elephants, LOL!!!!

Since joing a forum and recently Blogging more it does show how there are people who I've never met or spoke to that I would consider true friends. It opens the world up, at the hit of a key I can 'meet' like minded people. Like proper friends, you can go a while without speaking but then just pick up where you left off.

Do I see this as another world, not part of my real one? Hmmmm.....sometimes, when I do boring tax paperwork its very much part of the real world, sometimes no, when I find an hour has just evaporated while I've been Blogging around, escaping from it all.

Real world alert then, just remembered the washing was done, needs to go in the tumble dryer!

So to all my Bloggy and Beary friends, thank you!

Wednesday, 28 January 2009


Well heres Dolly, my first 6" elephant. Well you just can't beat having a pink elephant when the days are grey. I'm not sure if to put her on ebay or the blog for sale, I'll see.

Sunday, 25 January 2009

Danny boy.....

I've had a 'real job' meeting today so nothing much beary done. This is Danny, a 6" mohair bear. It was only when I got home after buying the mohair I found it was nearly the same as my stair carpet, well I suppose I like that as well. I've also started a 6" bright pink elephant, no....I've not started early on the wine, thats for later with my favourite programme Larkrise to Candleford. I hope to finish the ellie this week.

Friday, 23 January 2009

Giveaway - Its about Annie

I popped over to Brenda's Blog, she makes lovely little Annie ragdolls. Her friend De is having a giveaway, what a wonderful gift someone could have. Just pop over to here I'm off to look at her website, maybe our bears could do with a little friend.....

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Thank You!

One of the things in my body and soul list was I enjoy Blogging, even more as I got into it over Christmas. So its with thanks to Ruth for this. Ruth makes the most dainty miniatures and I enjoy her Blog trips out. Her wildlife photos are fantastic too. Her Blog to me is more than just her bears.

Here is the official accompanying text :-" The authors say that blogs who receive this award are exceedingly charming . This blog invests in proximity in space , time and relationships . These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends .They are not interested in prizes or self-aggrandisement . Our hope is that when the ribbons of these awards are cut , even more friendships will be propagated . Please give your kind attention to these writers !Deliver this award to 8 bloggers who will choose 8 more , and include this cleverly written text in to the body of the award . "
I'd like to think its about a common interest shared, a moment in time to 'chat' about real life and not feel alone. Ups and downs..... Plus I'm nosey! Hee hee its just so nice to 'meet' others.
So here is my list, people who I find interesting. Take a look next time you're Blogging. MJ is a fantastic Blogger, love hers. Ginger Brame, well go say hello, she needs a few smiles at the moment. Brenda is new to me, but such fun and lovely Annies. Rosie lives near to me, a slice of Staffordshire life. Linda did my ebay template graphics, a very kind hearted woman and a slice of US life. Well Paula, she does so much for us bearmakers..... Kay, a true bear friend, lovely to chat to.
Well I'm sure some of these Blogs you might know about, some not but take a peak, sharing......a piece of our worlds.

Monday, 19 January 2009

I've been tagged!

Hi, this was supposed to be Black Monday one of the most depressing days of the year. So this is a most apt tag. Like everyone I can get down but try to fight it, little things. This is the tag, I'm supposed to list 5 things that keep my mind and body balanced. Here goes......

1:I go the gym. I only go for a brisk walk etc on the machines, no weights but it gets me out, I listen to my MP3 player, it feels good.

2:Just lately I'ved enjoyed Blogging, reading about others and looking at the wonderful creations. This makes me feel better.

3:This is probably bad for me, but feels so.....good. My wine, curry and DVD nights with hubby.

4:My bearmaking. It keeps me occupied and has made a whole new world of internet friends that are every bit, maybe more real to me than 'real' friends.

5:Again, just lately, feeling thankful for the little things. Its a hard one to keep up, but keep having that thought, I am lucky.

Thanks Brenda, Little Annies

Well done Paula

My favourite pastime is now Blogging, well stumbling on other peoples. Such fun. Paula from All Bear has come up trumps yet agian. She has gone and got us our very own top 100 bear blogs! Just click on the link to the right. Fabulous idea.....

Saturday, 17 January 2009

Boo on ebay

This is Boo, not sure if a boy or girl! Its the mohair that I dyed with strawberry tea last week. Boo smells gorgeous, just like sweets. Just as well as I can't stand tea in any shape or form and even the smell puts me off. Hope you like Boo.

Thursday, 15 January 2009

My 'real job'.....

You know I don't think I've ever mentioned my 'real job'. I say it like that because its what I say if people ask 'what do you do?' Apart from replying 'as little as possible', LOL I work for a slimming club. Can you imagine explaining to the general population 'I make and design teddy bears'. Been there before and its just not worth trying to explain. It was even worse when I just made miniatures, the look on their faces, not one of admiration of the size, more 'how much!!!!!' Anyways, this year is a special one for me with slimming club, as its ten years since I lost my weight. I've lost 5 stone (70lbs) altogether and its the year I started the club too. I have so many wonderful members, but losing weight is such an issue year, after year, seeming to get worse, not better.

I hate to say it, healthy filling food, lots of..... a few treats and a pinch of willpower and a real wanting to do it attitude, thats how to do it. Also sharing and understanding from those around you, its too hard on your own. I've put a few pounds on over Christmas and they show no signs of going, even though I'm back to healthy eating and walking. Sigh...things never change, at least I know what has got to be done. More healthy eating, more walking and less treats, for a few weeks at least. To any of you out there, from someone whos been there, good luck if you need to lose weight!

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Joey on ebay

Well I finally finished Joey. He is one of the little bears I was sewing over Christmas. Click the ebay link at the side if you want to see more. I'm also half way through the panda that I strawberry tea dyed, just an hour or two to finish. That said I've got loads to do tomorrow, the 'real world' calls. So hopefully by friday, another bear. Not that time has stopped me ordering more mohair!

Sunday, 11 January 2009

Time for tea!

Well yesterday I had a trip to Leek, a lovely market town in the Staffordshire Moorlands. It was so very cold, but the scenery looked fantastic as the frost dusted everything. I paid a visit to to see Darren and get some gorgeous mohair. Postage is very cheap if you don't live nearby, in fact its probably cheaper than me using the car! It was lovely to have a natter and to feeeeeel that mohair. I picked up a piece of the mohair I used for Robbie and Robert, its such a favourite. Anyway, its to 'dye' for! I used some strawberry teabags, they smell lovely, shame I can't stand tea, normal or fruit. It gave the mohair a lovely pink backing with a dirty, old looking beige/pink pile. So I can feel a panda wanting to be born, my poor pandas have not been seen lately. Sally Shortbread will be on ebay later, still the best place to be seen I think. By the end of the year I'm hoping to be able to sell from here too, cross fingers!

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Sally Shortbread

Here is my latest 6" mohair bear. I did a little sewing over Christmas and this is what turned out, finished today! I'm not sure if to put her on ebay this sunday or on my blog/websites sales page. Hmmm.......

Sunday, 4 January 2009

New bears on their way!

Hi everyone. I have done a bit of sewing over Christmas, so come tomorrow I can get moving with some bears. I've just listed Anton on ebay. Low start so hopefully he will go to a good home and also let as many people see what I do. Nowt like a bargain at the moment! LOL I realise this year is'nt the best for people to 'treat' themselves, but hopefully if they do they won't be dissapointed. I'll try to price as fairly as I can. I also want to try to sell off ebay as well. Its been good to me but not everyone likes it. Also selling off here is much more personal, I like that. So always feel free to drop me a line if you ever need too.