About me

My name is Amanda, I am 44 and married with a teenage daughter. Here I am at my nana and grandads. Its my first Christmas and I got a panda! I live in Stoke-on-Trent, England. Maybe you have some pottery from here or even a toilet! I started making things at an early age. My nana knit and sewed, and used to save me the toy making articles out of her magazine. It was many years later when I was about 26 that I made my first bear. Like many people I got into it by accident. I was in a cross stitch shop and they had a bear making book. I bought it, ordered some supplies and I was off. I soon progressed to designing my own patterns and now enjoy trying out new things. All my bears are one of a kind as I get bored doing the same characters. I   in my summer house, but enjoy talking to my fellow bearmakers on the net, I don't always get much work done!