Monday, 25 January 2010

Selwyn a new design

Hi, this is my finished bear, Selwyn. He is 11" tall and a brand new pattern. He needs a few tweaks maybe but I'm pretty pleased how he turned out.

Sunday, 24 January 2010

A giveaway from Gypsy Brocante

This is a gorgeous giveaway, good luck!

Friday, 22 January 2010

I give up too easily

Well, I do give up easily, so I'm determined to finish this bear. I ended up trying another old pattern, changing a few things. Just an arm and leg and monday will see it done. I can see where there need to be more changes, but thats for future bears. This one is lots more traditional than usual, makes a change I suppose. Its nice to try new or should that be old things out?

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Not given up

Hiya, its ages since I made a bear but this week saw me try out an old pattern. Funny I just could not get into it. It was a pattern from years back, probably 16 years, eeek thats a long time. So come monday I think I need to just get back to what I know and like, maybe with a twist, just shows you move on.

I've also had a funny week 'real' work wise (I run a slimming club) with, to cut a long story short, someone stealing off me, it was only a book £4.95 but its still off putting. Best of it the elderly mum with her must know she does it and they both expect me to help them lose weight! Then I find out she has done it before at my friend's class. Still when I see her I'll say 'my husband FORGOT to charge you for the book', she'll either pay or make it worse and lie and say she paid, but she'll know that I know. I'll also mention I saw my friend...... It will be interesting if she shows any shame, I'm hoping she stops coming.

Still I used to own a menswear shop, we had proper shoplifters, we got ramraided (car backed into the window), credit card fraudsters (I actually liked them, I got £50 to £100 reward if the card was declined and cut them up in front of them, ha ha) oh and the best one opening up one day to find a great big hole in the stock room wall and all the stock gone. We had to sleep there that night as we could not get the wall bricked back up straight away. We even had to alarm the wall, they did come back and try again! Oh and I forgot about the time someone nearly stole the slimming takings, my wages and the companies money, a split second later they would have got the money box, I ended up wrestling it off the youth, fell over but had it in my hands! Its was'nt brave, it was'nt stupid, as I might of got hurt, it was just pure gut reaction. It did shake me up but I did'nt half feel good the next day, one nil to me!!!!

At least the bears don't give me any trouble!

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Sweet souls give away


Look at this gorgeous bear. Louisa from Rosie Posie Studios is having a give away. Her art work is fantastic, a delight to look at. Check it out!

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Slipping and a sliding...

We finally ventured out to town to see whats what with the sales, we don't really need anything winter grip shoes, kickers from years back, have finally fallen apart. The paths are treacherous and more snow is due. I managed to get a nice pair of wellies, with a little buckle detail and crock skin pattern. I used to wear wellies all the time when I was a kid, essential as we had fields and brooks near by. I also got myself a little pressie with my Christmas money, a metal war motivation sign (TK Maxx £7.99). I want it for my garden space, where I'm having my summer house.

We just paved this space but never used it, so a little hide away summer house is really just the thing. Not sure when I'm getting it but I can't wait. Roll on spring I say!