Saturday, 17 April 2010

Why I've not been making bears....

Ta da! Its finally finished, the summerhouse.....

All that painting was worth it in the end. I did a light blue for the outside with a bit of shabby painting to make it look less 'pristine'. The inside had two coats of white masonry paint, same for the floor then varnish. The sofa I got off ebay and also painted. If it stopped still, it got painted. We decked it last week, the slabs were a bit tatty looking, especially when I got paint on them!. I want to make some new cushion covers and generally 'pretty' it up, a bit at a time. Its a gorgeous space and ideal for my bear making in summer. Hubby has to do some sockets then I'll be sorted. With the decking, paint, sofa, its probably cost about £450 but worth every penny. I paid £300 for the actual house and they usually cost a lot more. So on a gorgeous day like this, I think I'll settle down with Country Living and enjoy my first try out of my den. Hope you can enjoy the weather too.

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Happy Easter

Hi everyone, I've been very quiet on the Blog and bearmaking front, I'm still painting my summer house! Nearly there, ceiling to do (two coats) then the floor. I'll then deck around it to tidy the outside up and then......move in. My first craft project when I do get in will be a give away. Might take a few weeks but I'll let you know near the time and of course take some photos.

I hope you all have a lovelyEaster break. We drove home in a blizzard last night, hardly spring like. Oh well, keep smiling, keep dreaming sunny images!