Monday, 31 January 2011

Monthly make for January....

Tom Tulley

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Grab the brightness where you can....

I read a post yesterday from Charl at Pretty Vintage. She pretty much summed up the last few weeks and what it really means. Its been so dreary and it can get you down. Heres a photo of what cheers me up, half price lilies from Aldi, less than £2 and over a week old, bargain. daughter who as the teenage years roll on is becoming more and more lovely. Don't believe what everyone says about the teenage years, although still a few more to go!

I also heard some bad news about a relative's health and a client had the awful news that her friend had been killed in a hit and run. I so felt for her.

So I'm going to concentrate on the little, important things in life and put a bit of brightness into January.

Talking of brightness look at what Alison of Vintage Amethyst is giving away. She was featured in the magazine. I love Alison's blog and shop, everything is so pretty and always comes nicely wrapped. Go check her out for some January brightness.

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

An award!

Heidi from Bord and Butik has very kindly passed on this award. I'm supposed to share 7 things about myself!

1: We named our daughter Amy, nice name and one that could not be shortened.....I end up calling her Ames a lot, maybe not shortened but lengthened? I think I've got a thing for calling people anything but their actual name.

2: I seem to be a tidy person. If you came my house you would think so. Clever cupboards, nice cupboards, I just throw everything in and close the door then every so many years have a tidy up, behind closed doors.

3: I'm a brown sauce girl (Daddies), not a red sauce girl! (ketchup)

4: I always wanted a proper Paddington bear and bought one when I was pregnant with Amy. It was supposed to be for the baby, but was really for me. I told Amy this recently and she said not to worry as the Doctor Who book I had for Christmas was really for her.

5: I hated every minute of my driving lessons but they have to be done, means to an end. We now drive an automatic, stop go, stop go. So simple yet not so common in the UK as elsewhere. Why would anyone want to make things harder when there is an easier way, the car does it for you.

6: Soggy toast: Can't stand soggy toast, it has to be hot and slightly well done. I used to love the 'doorstops' we used to toast on my nana and grandad's open fire, bliss. The worst toast, soggy, was given to me after I had Amy. Thanks NHS, no food all day, then soggy toast! I always said if I had another I'd take food in for after the birth, I was starving.

7: Untrodden snow, so've just got to run around in it! If I see untrodden snow I get an urge to leave footprints and mess it up. I did that on my dads drive recently and he told me off 'In case I slipped'. Got my wellies on dad.....chill out! Amy just said 'wow, I did'nt know grandad tells you off like he does me'. He worries too much.

Thanks so much Heidi. Now this is the bit where I can't chose, so many lovely blogs......

Monday, 24 January 2011

Leny's giveaway

Leny from Lediteds is having a birthday giveaway! What a wonderful idea and her creations are so lovely. Go on over and check them out.

Sunday, 23 January 2011

I married a Count!

Today is our wedding anniversary, 14 years, but its also 24 years exactly since we met, eek! We got married in the Monte Carlo hotel, Las Vegas. Crikey when I look at the photos.....hubby looks like Bela Lugosi. Mind you I do have a thing for vampires and they are quite fashionable and sexy now.

Just look at my hair, wow thats what colour it was, I'd forgotten. I'd also lost a lot of weight but eventually lost more. I made the dress but went off it but as the wedding was more about other things it did'nt really matter.

Amy learnt to walk here, lazy thing was 17 months. I made her a bear instead of having a posie to hold. We were in Vegas for two weeks, my parents, brother and sis in law and Mark's mum and aunt were all with us. We had such a good time, people either hate or love Vegas but it was so much fun and we spent lots of time together as a family. The wedding was mainly about being married and not the wedding itself but lets just say two weeks in Vegas, I do!

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Keeping out of mischief

Our house is a very, very little 1930's semi that we modernised, did up should I say. The conservatory was the last to be built and by that time, after a year, I was all pooped out in the decorating department. We don' use it too much in winter so I think the decor needs to be more spring/summer, makes sense!

Modern TV's....nowt you can do to make them look more, pleasing? Hubby was in my summerhouse the other day, wiring some tree lights up and he commented on how pleasant it felt/looked. Thats the look I'd like to go for but maybe a bit more toned down!

Last year I had my summer house as a project and this year its the conservatories turn. Its very hard to have some kind of decor/theme going on, hardly any walls, so cushions will play a big part. If you have a gorgeously decorated conservatory, do tell, I'll love to see what you've done to it.

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

A monthly Make 2011

Annie from the Felt Fairy is running a monthly make, maybe the kick we need? I feel like kicking someone today! And not me! I feel very let down with my day job, circumstances, people not thinking, it will pass.....but one thing that does make me feel better is blogging, my summerhouse and making things! So this could not come at a better time.

Of course I need to start my bears again, I would have done today but feel wound up, not fair to include that in a bear! I do fancy making a Stanley and Annie is very kindly helping there. Here is the link, Stanley.

Monday, 10 January 2011

LissLou's giveaway....

LissyLou and the 2 Little boys is having a giveaway! Why not pop over now!

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Reasons to be cheerful.....

Yay and double yay! Sunday for the next 6 weeks, just looked brighter. My aim for this year is to be grateful and feel lucky for what I have but thats always easier said than done so anything to cheer a post Christmas winter up is good.

I've also decided to re decorate the conservatory, that will keep me out of mischief, I enjoy the planning the most, thats the fun part.

So rerun of Dr Who at 7.00pm then Larkrise and a glass of the old vino at 8.00pm. Ha there you go, and as the vino maybe stretches into two, I'm sure I'll feel grateful and lucky! Tis the simple thing in life for sure......