Tuesday, 25 January 2011

An award!

Heidi from Bord and Butik has very kindly passed on this award. I'm supposed to share 7 things about myself!

1: We named our daughter Amy, nice name and one that could not be shortened.....I end up calling her Ames a lot, maybe not shortened but lengthened? I think I've got a thing for calling people anything but their actual name.

2: I seem to be a tidy person. If you came my house you would think so. Clever cupboards, nice cupboards, I just throw everything in and close the door then every so many years have a tidy up, behind closed doors.

3: I'm a brown sauce girl (Daddies), not a red sauce girl! (ketchup)

4: I always wanted a proper Paddington bear and bought one when I was pregnant with Amy. It was supposed to be for the baby, but was really for me. I told Amy this recently and she said not to worry as the Doctor Who book I had for Christmas was really for her.

5: I hated every minute of my driving lessons but they have to be done, means to an end. We now drive an automatic, stop go, stop go. So simple yet not so common in the UK as elsewhere. Why would anyone want to make things harder when there is an easier way, the car does it for you.

6: Soggy toast: Can't stand soggy toast, it has to be hot and slightly well done. I used to love the 'doorstops' we used to toast on my nana and grandad's open fire, bliss. The worst toast, soggy, was given to me after I had Amy. Thanks NHS, no food all day, then soggy toast! I always said if I had another I'd take food in for after the birth, I was starving.

7: Untrodden snow, so tempting.....you've just got to run around in it! If I see untrodden snow I get an urge to leave footprints and mess it up. I did that on my dads drive recently and he told me off 'In case I slipped'. Got my wellies on dad.....chill out! Amy just said 'wow, I did'nt know grandad tells you off like he does me'. He worries too much.

Thanks so much Heidi. Now this is the bit where I can't chose, so many lovely blogs......


Heidi said...

I love it...I too hate soggy toast also and my Father gets his undies in a wedge over the silliest of things too!! We always tell him to chill! thanks for playing along...

topchelseagirl said...

I do the same cupboard thing as you. I do like ketchup, but when I have brown sauce it has to be Daddies - nothing else is hot enough! x

Louise said...

no problem, I just wish I had enough of the diaries to send all three of you one! But that's why I added the link as they are not too expensive to just buy one!

congrats on your award, your answers made an interesting read! I honestly worry about having to go into hospital and eat NHS - I don't know what I would do if it ever happens - well, I would probably starve!