Sunday, 3 January 2010

Slipping and a sliding...

We finally ventured out to town to see whats what with the sales, we don't really need anything winter grip shoes, kickers from years back, have finally fallen apart. The paths are treacherous and more snow is due. I managed to get a nice pair of wellies, with a little buckle detail and crock skin pattern. I used to wear wellies all the time when I was a kid, essential as we had fields and brooks near by. I also got myself a little pressie with my Christmas money, a metal war motivation sign (TK Maxx £7.99). I want it for my garden space, where I'm having my summer house.

We just paved this space but never used it, so a little hide away summer house is really just the thing. Not sure when I'm getting it but I can't wait. Roll on spring I say!


Rosie said...

It is very slippy and slidy on our street! I love your new wellies - just right for this weather - Happy New Year, Amanda - hope you get your summerhouse soon:)

sandra said...

roll on spring says me too,all this cold and dark nights soon makes you long for a bit of green!
we;re due for more snow this week too
im off now to search out a warmer looking blog template
hugs sandra x