Sunday, 5 December 2010

Mince pies.....yummy

I posted about this recipe last year but for those that would like it, here it is. Its the most wonderful shortbread type pastry. These were a little rushed but as they are the first batch they get eaten straight away and not shared! The recipe is enough for two dozen so I froze half the pastry. 


Heidi said...

Those look so good even better with blueberries....tomorrow I will hunt for those bears!
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Amy said...

wow, that's fab weight loss! Welldone for keeping it all off to. That's the hardest part isn't it. Hope I manage to do as well as you have x

The Stylish House said...

Hi Amanda,
Your mince meat pies look wonderful! My mother used to make them at Christmas and I haven't had any in a long time.
Thank you also for sharing the good news about your cousin. I love to hear these kind of stories.