Sunday, 19 December 2010

21 Christmas questions....

Annie at The Felt Fairy blogged about this and I thought it would be fun to do. Just link back if you would like to join in.

1: Wrapping paper of gift bags?........Wrapping paper and it has to match my decor!

2: Real tree or artificial?........Artificial. Although I like real trees I have 6 trees up, so it would be too expensive. My latest one was a feather tree for my summerhouse.

3: When do you put up the tree?...... As I have to do a lot, I start the beginning of December.

4: When do you take the tree down?.......Usually 2nd January.

5: Favourite gift received as a child?........I can't really think of one. I used to have a stocking/pillowcase and my most favourite thing in that was a cocoa cola can radio. I switched it on and Silent night was playing.

6: Hardest person to buy for?........Hubby as if we want something we get it and at Christmas we don't buy gifts for each other for the sake of it. This year he does'nt really want anything so its even harder.

7: Easiest person to buy for?.......Me! Because I know what I like. Thats why I tend to get Christmas money.

8: Mail or email Christmas cards?........With cards I'm a bit of bah humbug so I do like to send ecards, more fun. I do send a few 'real' ones too.

9: Favourite Christmas movie?.......I do like Christmas Carol ones. I prefer things like Dr Who Christmas special or Christmas versions of things like Fools and Horses and the Royale Family.

10: When do you start shopping for Christmas?.......December.

11: Have you ever recycled a Christmas present?........Yes......

12: Favourite things to eat at Christmas?.......Its got to be the actual Christmas lunch.

13: Lights on the tree, coloured or clear?........Clear.

14: Favourite Christmas song?.......Last Christmas by Wham.

15: Travel at Christmas or stay home?......Stay home.

16: Angel, fairy, star or ribbon on top of the tree?.......A mixture. In the lounge its feathers, kitchen its a rustic star and conservatory a tall bauble type topper.

17: Opening presents Christmas eve or morning?.......Morning.

18: Most annoying thing about this time of year?.......People saying 'Are you done yet?' NOOOO! Don't you know I'm not that organised.

19: What do you want for Christmas this year?........Like Annie I buy what I want but enjoy my few surprises. I would like things that go in my summerhouse, to make it look nice.

20: Traditional colours like red and green or others?........Everything has to match and most years I change colours. This year the lounge theme is black feathers, with gold, silver and crystals. The kitchen is red and white. The conservatory, old gold, purple and brown, sounds odd but it works. The summerhouse was a mix. I'll post piccies another day. I love seeing everyones decor.

21: I'll add one......custard, brandy cream or fresh cream with your Christmas pud?......fresh cream.


Heidi said...

Wow you and I have alot in common, that was alot of fun!
congrats to Leny.

Bunny Rose Cottage said...

What a fun post!! Loved reading it and learning more about your Christmas :)

Rosie said...

Great fun, Amanda - I've enjoyed reading your answers. I love to co-ordinate colour schemes too - this year the tree in the living room is green and gold and the one in the conservatory is green and red:) Hope you have a wonderful Christmas:)