Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Amy's got a giveaway

What lovely lovelies! These are the giveaway form Amy at Blighty Boutique

She is the vintage inspired daughter of Annie at The felt fairy

Some really nice images and shes only just started. Go on over and support her!


Heidi said...

Thank you for sharing I'm off to sign up and be a winner..haha fingers crossed!

Amy said...

Thanks Amanda! And yes I know all about nights out in Newcastle! My housemate and I lived in Newcastle Under Lyme in a little terraced house just around the corner from the Dancing Octupus fish and chip shop. We used to go there in our Pyjamas to get get our dinner. Oh the shame of it x

Amy said...

It is a very small world. That travel lodge used to be the derelict car park my bedroom window looked out on, lol. Well that and the rowdy people spilling out of the pub on the corner x