Monday, 7 December 2009

Mince pie recipe

OK, I found this photo on the web but mine did look like these! I forgot to take a photo and there is only one looks sad on its own. I found this gorgeous butter pastry recipe, its really is worth doing.

Traditional Christmas Mince Pies Recipe

The instructions are great and there are so many tips. Enjoy, I've got to make some more!


heidi said...

They must have tasted good if you only have one left!! i like the little ones with stars on dusted with a sprinkling of snow dust. x

Amanda said...

This is a fab recipe. I prefer to use a star cutter for the lids as its less pastry, less stodgy. I'll be making some more and as the recipe lady says, they cook in 15 minutes so you can freeze them in the tins if you have the room in the freezer.