Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Blog giveaway at Ginger's!!!!!!

The lovely Ginger Brame has a fabulous giveaway. She has been in the bearmaking business for 25 years. In potteries slang that makes her an owd git. Translated that means, in our sense of humour, an old timer. That could be another post, why do the people of Stoke use cheeky phrases to people they like? Start to worry if I'm ultra polite to you!!!! Well duck thats one to ponder on..... Heres the link
Happy anniversary Ginger!!!!


Ruth said...

HeeHee Amanda - you sound just like someone from Stoke LOL
I remember when I first came to live here ; you all sounded like aliens; no one had ever called me "sug'" before ! And a "bank" ... yeah it's just a building with money in it to a southerner like me ! :0))
It was no use me blarting like a marred idiot with a cob on !!!!

Ha ! Ruth x

Kelly said...

You've been tagged!

Hugs, Kelly