Saturday, 7 February 2009


Well after a little too much Chardonnay last night, I'm seeing pink elephants again. This is Vera a little 6" handful. I do love these Ellies, they seem to have a very sad look about them even though it makes me feel good making them. I hope you like her. Back to the Chardonnay, well it is saturday night, maybe more pink elephants?


Stacy said...

Vera is Beauty! More...!!!

Laura Lynn said...

Oh my gosh!! I think more Chardonnay is a great idea - she's simply adorable :)

FenBeary Folk said...

So so sweet, love this little one

kay said...

Hi Amanda,

Vera is gorgeous!!!!!!!!
Put your wine down now,otherwise you will be seeing red!!!!!!!!!!!
Red ellie that wouldn't be so bad a Valentine for Vera.

Love kayx.

CubbyHole Cubs said...

What a gorgeous little elephant, she's stunning and has such soulful eyes :)

Ginie-Lee said...

Lovely little elephant!

Ruth said...

I don't think the world could ever have tooo many pink elephants !!!
She is such a sweetie !

Debbie said...

Such a cute little Elephant.