Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Tagged, photo album

Rosie at has sent me a lovely tag. I was asked to go to my photo album, choose my fourth photo folder and the fourth photo, here it is! Ha ha its my christening, 1968, with my mum and dad. It was at St Johns, Longton, Neck end. It was knocked down in 79 but I used to walk past it many times to get home when I was little. I can remember putting my foot in a hole near the church walls (don't ask me why, a kid thing) and it was covered in a tar like substance, my shoe stayed in the hole! I had to go home in my brother's pushchair, I can still remember being so mortified, as I was too old for pushchairs! Things you think about. Thanks for the memory Rosie.


Rosie said...

Glad you enjoyed the tag, Amanda and that it brought back some happy memories for you - great photo - I cut through the old churchyard on my way down into Longton. Don't remember the church though as we didn't move here until 1997 - have seen photos in books and the museum though:)

Amanda said...

I use the dentist at the bottom and went to Grafton school near by. We moved house quite often but Kelmore close was the first I lived in. Happy days!