Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Oh no....in skive mode again

Well it started today, 'no I'm not going the gym'. OK my routine is out of sorts as Amy is off school and we were away yesterday, but I can feel it......messing around on the computer.....ahhh....I'm skiving! I did get some jobs done but then nothing on the bear front. Well I've decided to put the 'can't be bothered to sew' mode to good use and research, think, mess around and look into something I was thinking about. I'd like to design a quicker to make, simpler bear. Still with my look and style but a more affordable bear. So I'll put the messing around to good use, then when those fingers itch to sew I'll have something to show for my non creative period. Ta ta for now.


customteddys said...

I took a week off exercise. I loved every minute of it. I'll weigh myself another day. Hugs, Vicki

Kay said...

Hi Amanda,

I'll be watching and waiting to see what comes of the time off.
Just think what special creations can come from skivving.
Enjoy your time with Amy.

love kayx.