Friday, 13 February 2009


Well this week has gone quick. Tomorrow is Valentines day, sunday hubs birthday. Today is also 17 years since my father in law died. My husband was born on his dad's birthday, and looks so like him. We are able to look back with no sadness, hubs says it seems a lifetime ago, just happy memories remain. Our daughter never knew her grandad but would have been spoilt rotten, which she was by her nana who really loved her. So tomorrow is the day of love. I'm slightly of the 'too comercial', 'who needs an excuse to say I love you', but always secretly hopeful. Hee hee. Ah well, I've bought some pink bubbly and chocolates, I'll have the bubbly, they can have the choccies! Any excuse, if you can't beat them, may as well join them. I hope you have a day.

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