Tuesday, 3 February 2009


Well I've had to wait in for a parcel today so its given me a good chance to do a few things, well not housework, but I've dyed some mohair and took the pictures for Ambrose, a bear I started ages ago. Its funny how you can just get stuck doing a certain size, 6" in this case, but they are my favourites. Nearly all handsewn but I don't mind, just takes a bit longer. The mohair I've dyed used Kool aid, I've only got the reds and pinks but I love the effects, they smell nice too. I've cut an elephant out and a little bear, that will keep me out of mischief, well beats housework!


FenBeary Folk said...

Ah what a little sweetie, there must be something about a 6 inch bear, I love them too

kay said...

This blog just gets better each time I pop on.
Ambrose is lovely, is he for Ebay or your webpage?
Keep them coming!!!!!!!!!
Love kayx.