Sunday, 29 March 2009

Rosebud a new bunny on ebay

Hi everyone, its been ages since I last posted. On the countdown to the Easter holidays and my holiday abroad in may. Today has been another gorgeous sunny day, perfect to think about spring. I try to get my sewing organised so I can sew in the conservatory. I have a little windowed cupboard in the bedroom where I do my main sewing but that's on the non sunny side of the house. We all need a bit of cheery sun! Hope you like Rosebud.


Nancy said...

Hi Amanda...Thank-you for visiting.
Such an adorable little bunny. Love the color and the fabric. So sweet!

Have a great day!
Hugs, Nancy

customteddys said...

Rosebud is totally cute. And I love hearing about the sun.. Hugs, Vicki and the bears

Amanda said...

Thanks, we British do go on about the weather, after the last two summers the sun is very welcome!

KatieCountryBears said...

Hi Amanda,

About time you updated here.
Rosebud is wonderful, just what we need to spring into summer.
Yes, its about time we did have one.
love kayx.

Valerie said...

Rosebud is super cute! I love her.

Rosie said...

Rosebud is gorgeous. The sun was lovely yesterday wasn't it?

Ginie-Lee said...

Love Rosebud!
Hooray for all the sun we've having lately!! Hope we get some more.
Hugs Ginie-Lee