Sunday, 15 March 2009

Here is Lily, on ebay

Ha, what did I say, all finished by friday? Well Lily, is finished, the rabbit has gone shy and decided to hop off and the ellie, promise will be done tomorrow.

The weather has been gorgeous today so we went a little trip to Derby, just the city centre. I just picked a little Easter treat for a friend and had some lunch, so not much spent.

Last episode of Lark rise to Candleford boo hoo, so I've got the first series to watch on DVD, all over again! Yay, I do love that programme. Click on the link for more information about the series and the author, Flora Thompson. I also enjoy Dr Who and Dexter, Victorian period drama, sci fi and serial killer, something for all aspects of my character!


Nancy said...

Oh Amanda...Lily is so darling! I just love her...but I love all of your work. The little faces you create are just the sweetest!

Hugs, Nancy

Valerie said...

Lily is really cute!

KatieCountryBears said...

Thank you Amanda,

Rabbit (Bracken) has hopped onto my mantlepiece, absolutely fab!
Everyone must have one of your adorable rabbits.
Put pics on blog of her, I don't mind.
love kayx.