Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Good things come in threes....

Well it started off last friday with a mystery parcel. I never get presents, even at Christmas I buy my own! Its not that we are mean but after years of having no cash we got out of the habit and parents were helpful and gave money. So it was with great delight I opened my box. Thank you my dear bear friend! Best of all they were presents that mattered and were well thought out for me. Hee hee, just lovely.

Today I got a £50 premium bond check! Yippeee...I won! That will go toward some plants for the new garden....nah...I'll have a new handbag, the other one is two years old! Told you I have to buy my own presents.

Then also today I got my lovely new templates off Linda. She has been more than generous and has done a lovely job. Thanks Linda. Check her work out, stunning.

Back to work now, stuff to do, as usual!

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