Monday, 24 March 2008

Dilly Dolly Mixture on ebay until sunday

Hi everyone, here is Dilly Dolly Mixture. She is 3" tall and made from ulpholstery fabric that I distressed slightly. She has a new larger head pattern and the body and limbs are a newish pattern too. I wanted to capture a sort of 50/60's look and colours and used my 39 year old panda as a guide to get the fur looking messy and loved. I also like anime style bears so went for a larger head. I'm very pleased with her and hope you like her too.


Bear Treasures by Melanie Jayne said...

Beautiful Amanda, I like how you have taken your inspiration and made this wee guy into a creation that is distinctively your style, love the colour combination too.


Amanda said...

Thanks MJ. It was like a light bulb going on. I think I had wandered off track too much. I've decided to do a couple of miniature bear ranges so I can have more choice in what I do. I would still like to do a small mohair range too, but that will have to wait, I'm on a roll with these. Dilly will be on ebay tonight for 5 days.

Ginie-Lee said...

Hi Amanda thanks for popping over to my blog and saying hello, Dilly is a little cutie! Good luck with her auction :-)

Louise Peers said...

love the colour combination and vintage look of this little one ,
Louise xx

fribbles said...

Dilly is a darling!!! So adorably cute, Amanda! And omigosh, I simply LOVE that fur!! Where did you get it?