Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Where did those years go?

A few weeks back we celebrated Amy's 15th birthday, which means......

nine years ago she has just turned 4 and was off to school for the first time. Yikes! Today was her first day (well half as it worked in) of her final year in high school. Well its not even a year, they leave in May 2011. A very sobering thought, well for me. All I got was 'huh that was a waste of time, all we did was get our timetables'. While not actually loving school, it does'nt bother her either. I don't think its sunk in yet, she actually has to do some hard work this year!

On the bear making front I've started a black and corn coloured panda, I hope to have it finished for friday, all being well. Laters!

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