Sunday, 19 September 2010


Hi everyone, this is my latest bear, Cherish. I dyed the mohair a lovely soft pink and it went perfectly with some Cath Kidston fabric, so she got some angelic wings. With her looking like butter would'nt melt I new I had to give her eyelashs too!


Heidi said...

Oh Cherish is the perfect name for this little love with designer CK wings....I just love the expression in their eyes...

Leny said...

Hi Amanda,

Love this little beautiful angel!!
Love your blog aswell,will follow it now,hope you will visit my blog too,

Big bearhugs,

Leny said...

Hi Amanda,

Love this beautiful angel!
I will follow your blog now,hope you will visit mine too,


Ginie said...

Hi Amanda,
Like your little Cherish angel bear, she's only got to bat her eyelids and I bet she could get away with allsorts of mischief!!!

Ginie Lee

Bibi said...

Ohhhh sweet your little bear, ad the wings are beautiful!!!
Hugs Bibi

Conni said...

Oh, she is so beautiful!

Cathyraggedy said...

I like this little angel bear,she is so sweet.