Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Pandy Potter....whats in a name?

Hi everyone, I thought, having seen an old post on a forum, its interesting to see where people's Blog names or other names come from. Pandy Potter.......well I am Amanda and Mandy but was mostly called Mandy by my parents. As you can see my childhood toy was a panda, I got called Mandy pandy, then pandy potter. The potter bit? Well we live in Stoke-on-Trent, well known as the Potteries, maybe that was it. So when I came to a name Pandy Potter seemed apt. It was my dad who called me that. The lovely panda will be 41 at Christmas, old thing! Yes it was my first Christmas present....LOL I've still got a soft spot for pandas and they do tend to be my favourites to make. So the next bear is a panda, hopefully finished for friday.

What about your name?


heidi said...

isnt it funny how we adopt 'nick' names? your is very well suited for your bears though.
i am heidi marika,my mum & dad often called me riky pops,i dont know if that how you would spell the riky bit?!!
mr h's first name is john & so is his dad so mr h gets called john john by his family! Bless!!

Heather said...

My blog name probably came from my addiction to adding the word "little" into things... I wanted a name for my bear making that was cute and that I could make a cute illustration to go with, so, Little Bearries it was!

Emo Bears said...

Mine comes from an idea I had just before I took up Bear making - I guess I saw a 'gap' in the market.
You get cute bears, traditional bears and I have seen rather disturbing art toy bears - killer rabbits, road kill etc.

My sister is now 14 (she was 13) and she is one of the most free souls I know when it comes to expressing herself through clothes. She makes her own outfits and customises her clothes - I admire her sense of fashion. She is an Emo )or 'Emo child' as myself and my brother call her.

Add to that my love of Tim Burton, and I figured that I would like to make an Emo bear. Something that conveyed that sense of style - and that kind of teenage angst that you don't quite 'get' anymore.

Sure, if we had emo's then - I would have been an Emo child too.

My bears all share that kind of sweet sorrowful Emo look - although as I go along, my idea of just how an 'Emo' bear looks changes.

I think it sums up my style too - modern, but not Wacky.

Soooo, That's where Emo Bears comes from.