Sunday, 11 October 2009

Harry Halloween now on ebay

Hiya, I've decided to put Harry on ebay, at a 99p start. Its always a risk but so far lots of people are taking notice! Its an easy way of getting my bears seen. Hopefully tomorrow I'll complete my other bear.


Kelly said...

Shoot, I was hoping you would sell him direct. Oh well I will wait for the next one. I keep trying, and every one I want you put on ebay! XD

Hugs, Kelly

Amanda said...

I'm glad you like him. The next one will be for my website, promise. I should have it finished tomorrow. I think I'm addicted to the low ebay start gamble! LOL Hope you're feeling a little better soon. Amanda x

Heather said...

Harry is an absolute cutie!

I understand the ebay addiction too... there is just something so fun about watching people bid... it's not even the money, it's the intensity of an auction!

I often find myself rooting for certain bidders!