Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Busy doing something....

I've had a busy couple of weeks, my birthday last week (41 where did that year go?), away at Southport, night out, all very nice. We are also on the last project for the house, digging the front garden up for a drive. My dad has been a star but I've still done a fair share of digging, then there was ten tons of hardcore to move yesterday. It will be worth it as parking on the main road will get harder in years to come.

Bears.....I've not given up, just on a summer 'other things to do'. Thats OK as I just like making them and would never like to feel I have to, I feel lucky in that respect. It will be interesting to see what happens after my break, will I have changed slightly design wise? We'll see!


Temiru said...

Hi, Amanda!
I wish happy birthday!
I wish many new creative ideas and a lot of time for their execution!!!

merilyn said...

hi Amanda,
hope you have had a beary happy birthday. I know what you mean about wanting to making bears and having to make bears. I have a lot of have-tooooos at the moment and I would much rather be doing the want-toooos.
warm & Fuzzy hugs Merilyn

Amanda said...

Hi Merilyn, I'm lucky at the moment, no bears for months, but thats OK. I've enjoyed decorating, doing jobs and pottering. Being a Pandy Potter! Come Autumn, back to it, with hopefully a renewed vigour. Hope the have toooos get done and you can move onto the want tooos!