Sunday, 20 April 2008

Little Blue on ebay


**MATTHEW'S BEARS** said...

hello you :)
such a sweet panda... if i can achive anyting as sweet as that i will be over the moon... thank you Amanda you made me smile :)
x's *Matthew*

Amanda said...

Thanks so much Matthew, and you already do make such lovely sweet bears, course with a little sprinkling of attitude to make them stand out. Digging dirt and moving rubble today, oh the glamour of 'gardening'. Hopefully I can get a bear started later. Take care, Amanda x

Anna said...

I love desing of your miniatures, they are so cute!:D So little and chubby:) I saw on TT that you make them wooden hang tags... could you show picture of them? I am also making wooden tags and I wonder how does your looks:) (mine are just so simple)

And I wanted to say that I was in your city on last summer when I was on a trip to Alton Towers! I had a change there. That's very nice town:)


Amanda said...

Thanks Anna. I no longer make wooden tags. I used to get my dad cut them out in thin plywood, drill a hole and use a nice old looking raffia string. I then used a rubber stamp with a bear design on and write on the back.

Alton Towers is good fun. Stoke is'nt the most pretty town but we're very friendly and are only ever a short drive from the countryside.

Nice to 'meet' you, see you on TT.

Amanda x