Sunday, 13 April 2008

Claude on ebay

Hi this is Claude, my first Koala in many years. I so enjoyed making him and I'm sure others will follow. Luckily he was made early last week as I ended up moving soil/mud around in the pouring rain late last week in my 'garden'. Saying that the decking is helping it to at least look partly gardenish. All that digging did unearth my dads lost car keys which had been missing over a week. Phew, one less thing to sort and our house key was on there too! Although I was at a work meeting all day today, hubby managed to catch some sun on the deck. I'm hoping my dad can build be a little pergola/gazebo, my little outside bearmaking den. Dadddddd......he's a fab dad, so watch this space for garden updates.

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