Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Tommy 3 1/2" panda

I've just finished Tommy from a new fabric. The black was hard work, I couldn't see to sew! I'm getting one of those magnifying lights, it should help. Middle age charging at full speed! I'll also be doing a present for a friend this week, I'll post it when she's received it, not to spoil the surprise. Something a little different.


All Bear said...

Such a sweet panda! I work with a magnifying lamp Amanda, it has a daylight bulb and a lovely big magnifying glass. Great for sewing noses! Not so great for the fortysomething ego though ...!

Amanda said...

Needs must Paula. My work closet is lighter now but boy, do I need something. I can now add that to the grey hairs!

fribbles said...

Again, the softness of this panda looks melting---I bet he's just perfect to cuddle!