Saturday, 2 February 2008

Don't start what you can't finish!

Well I started my open mouth panda and then this morning......the postman arrived with new fabric! I nearly always do one bear at a time but....the fabric was shouting me. I started a new bear but realised I needed the last bit of black fabric that I was using for the panda. Poor panda will now have to wait for another order from America. I would like to say the new panda bear will be finished for tomorrow but I have to go a work meeting most of the day.

I work for a Slimming company called Slimming World. I lost 5 stone nearly 9 years ago now. That said I'm struggling to get my Christmas weight off. Its just a few pounds but I seem to have bears running around in my head! Excuses really, but if it was easy I'd be out of a job!

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