Friday, 28 May 2010

What a weekend.....

Long time no blog......we've just had a lovely holiday in Belek, Turkey. We got back last friday morning to the most glorious sunshine so decided to carry our holiday on over the weekend LOL. Having had enough lounging around I decided to finish my outside bunting off for the summer house.

Some time soon I hope to get my bears going again, I've got to sort my accounts out and then hopefully get some 'me' time. I'd read on a blog about someone painting a cheap office chair so before I went away painted mine a candy pink colour, you can just about see it in the picture. I even painted the fabric, I'll see how it lasts but its better than the black and blue colour it was.

I got the Easy Living mag with the Cath Kidston bag at the airport, came in very handy as a beach bag when one of our cases went missing.....the check in girl miss labeled it with someone elses details and sent it Greece. Got it back a day and half later but at least I had a bag to put my beach stuff in. Its now in the summerhouse as a bits and bobs bag.

Not sure what weather we'll get this weekend but enjoy it everyone!

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Riddlers cottage flowers said...

Your summer house looks beautiful.I would love one.
Lucky you.