Wednesday, 15 April 2009

What a lazy Blogger....

Well its ages since I posted or even read my favourite Blogs, oops! I'm on a go slow with the bears, the holidays and mooching around? I have started a little miniature, which I will see if one of my lovely collectors likes. I'm also on countdown for my holiday abroad, which I'm really looking forward to. Next week is accounts, yawn, the bear ones and my main job ones. They won't take long to do but are a chore. Boring! I hope you are all well, see you when those accounts are done!


FenBeary Folk said...

Hehe!! I am just doing my tax return too, chore that it is.
Look forward to seeing some new bears
Sue xxx

CubbyHole Cubs said...

LOL, glad it's not just me that drifts out of blogdom once in a while. Can't wait to see th new bear though, you do make some beauties!