Saturday, 16 August 2008

Marty 3" Wooly Mammoth on ebay sunday evening

Hi everyone, what a busy few weeks, but back to it now. I was sorting through my fabric stash when I found a piece of vintage rayon that a friend had given me. It just shouted Whooly Mamoth! So here is Marty. I hope you like him.


indiminula said...

That is awsome Amanda! Just look at that fabric it is so cool, and his cute curly mammoth tusks, such a clever idea, I am always trying to think of unusual animals that would make good teds. There is a girl on Ebay who makes Sloths, they are really realistic, but a I find them a bit creepy ha ha! By the way are you going to Hugletts, exhibiting/visiting?

Amanda said...

Hiya. I know who you mean on ebay with the Sloths, lovely lady. Its a mad world but is'nt it funny when people make wonderful, unusual critters, so much fun! The fabric just shouted mammoth, not bear. I once did a red panda, that was a nice change.
I'm not doing Hugglets, maybe one day. I'm just an easy life kinda person. (Bone idle really!) I like just making stuff then if it goes , yipee!!! Thanks for stopping by. Hugs, Amanda x

indiminula said...

Lol, your funny Amanda! Bone idle indeed, for me bear making seems like time off, compared to looking after the 3 princes's! I'm going to Hugletts for a day out because I've never been to a fair before, and I'm not taking the kids ha ha.

Bear Treasures by Melanie Jayne said...

Amanda what a great guy! I love visiting your blog to see what fantastic creations you are coming up with and your creativity just gets better and better.

Lots of love
Melanie Jayne