Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Funny two days....

Well what an odd start to the week, my daughter kept being sick yesterday (better now) so I was at home all day, then today stressing as trying to sort plans out for a dropped kerb for off street parking. Yes I need to do two sets of plans for the council. Yet again its because we are on a main road. They want £150 thats before I pay for the site plans (hopefully get them done for nothing, if not £40). Then theres the cost to get them look at the kerb, thats Highways department, planners will already of had a look, then quotes to do the work, then of course sorting the front garden out if its all OK. If I can get a little change out of £2000, I'll be lucky. Easy come, easy go!

So to cheer myself up...I've been looking for a weeks holiday late september, eeekkkk, holidays have shot up. I get fed up about hearing about credit crunch but costs are sure rising. Still I'm a firm believer in not wasting money so then when you deserve a treat, theres something in the pot. Cross fingers!

My treat last week was some new fabric. I started a bear but the new fabric was calling. Its the new dense cashmere type from Sassy fabrics. Its the softest yet, with a dense, strokeable pile. The backing is a little softer, which is weird at first but then you get used to it and it sews up lovely. Two legs, then an arm and its done! Kept me good for an hour or two.


MiniBear said...

ooooh..Sassy Fabric...yum!
Never knew it cost so much just to drop a kerb!
Thank you for looking and commenting on my blog...us "time wasters" (I think of it as RESEARCH...*grin*) must stick together...
And you are almost in my neck of the woods too...scan you send some inspiration up the M6?
Anji in Stockport

Ruth said...

I've got 3 pieces of that new cashmere and every time I get it out I end up stroking it but not cutting it !!! Best of luck with your kerb too Amanda :0)
Huggies , Ruth